A Guide to USPS Employee Discounts

The United States Postal Service (USPS), a cornerstone of American infrastructure, plays a vital role in delivering mail and packages nationwide. I work for USPS, and I’m happy to be part of making sure letters and packages reach people on time, ensuring that mail reaches its intended recipients promptly and reliably.

Now, let me tell you about some cool things about working at USPS. As an employee, I get access to special discounts just for us! These discounts cover all sorts of stuff, like saving money on travel or buying things we need daily. And there’s even more to enjoy, like ways to stay healthy, plans for the future, and chances to learn new things on the job.

So, let’s take a closer look at these USPS employee guide of discounts and see how they can improve our work lives.

Enhanced Health Insurance Options

First up, let’s talk about staying healthy. USPS has your back with top-notch health insurance covering all the basics – like doctor visits, dental care, and eye check-ups. You can relax knowing your health is in good hands without worrying about hefty medical bills.

Fitness and Wellness Initiatives:

Stay fit and fabulous with USPS’s fitness and wellness initiatives. Take advantage of gym discounts, wellness programs, and health screenings to prioritize your physical and mental health. Whether hitting the gym or practicing mindfulness, USPS has everything you need to thrive.

Retirement and Savings Plans:

Planning for the future? USPS has you covered. With retirement and liteblue savings plans tailored to your needs, you can build a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones. From 401(k) options to retirement counseling, USPS offers the support and resources you need to achieve your long-term goals.

Time for a Getaway:

Ready to escape the daily grind? You can jet off to your dream destination with USPS employee discounts without breaking the bank. From discounted flights to hotel deals and vacation packages, there’s no shortage of ways to make your next getaway one to remember.

Shopping and Dining Deals:

 With USPS employee discounts, you can save on shopping and dining. From clothes and gadgets to restaurants and entertainment, there’s something for everyone – at prices that won’t leave your wallet crying.

Tuition Fees and Education Programs:

USPS has got you covered with reduced tuition fees and education programs. Whether you’re pursuing a degree or learning a new skill, USPS supports your academic and professional goals every step of the way.

Accessing USPS Employee Discounts

  1. Go to the USPS employee discount portal.
  2. Browse available discounts.
  3. Redeem offers online or in-store.
  4. Contact HR for help if needed.

Effect of USPS Employee Discounts:

USPS employee discounts significantly affect employees, positively impacting their financial well-being, job satisfaction, and loyalty. These discounts not only provide tangible savings on everyday expenses and leisure activities but also contribute to a supportive company culture and increased morale, by offering attractive benefits like discounts.


So, there you have it – a glimpse into the wonderful world of USPS employee discounts and loans. From health perks to travel deals and everything in between, these benefits are here to make your work life sweeter and your wallet happier. So go ahead, start exploring, saving, and living your best life – because you deserve it!


USPS employees can access wireless discounts through AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, and Verizon, just like you can. Goodyear: Postal Service employees enjoy discounts at select Goodyear locations, including $14.95 for lube, oil, and filter services, 15% off automotive services, and a 10% discount on brand tires.

Efficiently manage your shipping with online options to save both time and money. Explore available discounts on services like Express Mail®, Priority Mail, and flat-rate shipping through Click-N-Ship and PC Postage® services on USPS.com. Refer to the provided charts for more details.

USPS ensures you have ample free boxes, stickers, forms, and more. Utilize these pre-printed envelopes, Tyve mailers, and boxes at no cost to send items through Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express while also contributing to eco-friendly practices.

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