Navigate through the comprehensive LiteBlue FAQs designed specifically for USPS employees. Gain clear insights into login procedures, benefits management, and other essential aspects of the platform, whether you’re an active employee or retired.

Login Issues

CCA should be able to log in as usual; if not, check with HR for restrictions during break periods.

Ensure you’re entering the correct Employee ID and Password. If problems persist, reset your password or contact support.


Website Functionality

Check LiteBlue’s status via online status checking services or wait and try accessing the site later.

Check your internet connection, clear browser cache, or try later as the site may be under maintenance.

Direct Deposit

Go to PostalEASE from LiteBlue’s main menu and add your bank account information for direct deposit.

Log in to LiteBlue, navigate to PostalEASE, and enter your banking information under “Direct Deposit”.

Leave and Absences

Report sick leave through LiteBlue’s Employee Leave Request Application or via USPS IVR system.

Use the Employee Leave Request Application on LiteBlue to report unscheduled leave.

Your leave balance is displayed in the “ePayroll” section within LiteBlue.

Resignation and Job Changes

Browse the “eCareer” section for PTF positions and submit your application following the instructions.

Use the “eCareer” section on LiteBlue to find and apply for open positions.

Use the eReassign tool on LiteBlue to view and bid on posted routes.

Check the status of your job bids in the “eCareer” section of LiteBlue.

Submit your resignation through the LiteBlue eReassign system or notify your immediate supervisor.

Payroll and Tax Documents

Old paystubs can be retrieved from the “ePayroll” section on LiteBlue.

Find your W2 in the “ePayroll” section of LiteBlue.

Access the “ePayroll” section to view and print your W2 form.

Your W2 is available in the “ePayroll” section on LiteBlue.

Password and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Click “Forgot Password” on the LiteBlue login page to reset it.

If you lost your PIN, you can reset it through the Self-Service Profile application on LiteBlue.

Access for Contractors and Retired Workers

Certain features of LiteBlue are available to retired USPS workers.

eBids is available to career USPS employees; non-career employees have restricted access.

No, LiteBlue is exclusively for USPS employees and their individual access.

Health Plans and Travel

Change your health plan during the Open Season through the “PostalEASE” option on LiteBlue.

Yes, use the eTravel service on LiteBlue to submit travel claims.


Edit your candidate profile on LiteBlue to update references.

FMLA paperwork can be requested from HR Shared Services or through the “My HR” tab on LiteBlue.

LiteBlue is the online portal for USPS employees for job-related information and services.

As a USPS employee, you’ll receive instructions to sign up, including an Employee ID and temporary password.